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Pregnancy and Nursing Pillow – Good for You and Baby

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The Benefits of a Pregnancy and Nursing Pillows

Being pregnant is one of the best and most exciting times in a woman’s life. Anticipation, joy, and wonder at the approaching birth are shared with partner and family members, and delighted preparations are made in preparation for the baby’s arrival. Yet even the healthiest pregnancy can come with minor discomforts and annoyances such as morning sickness, swollen ankles, and heartburn. As pregnancy advances, most women experience trouble sleeping. The weight of the baby can press upon the bladder, making frequent trips to the bathroom necessary, and a comfortable sleeping position can be very difficult to find, as noted in these tips. Sleeping on your back can lead to snoring, since membranes thicken during pregnancy. Sleeping on your side is uncomfortable due to the increasing bulk of the pregnant belly. Various aches and pains as joints move apart can add to sleep issues at a time when it is critical for prospective mothers to get as much rest as possible.
Many women in their third trimester find it helpful to use pillows in bed to create support. Some companies design pillows especially for pregnancy, but an alternative that works very well is the cylindrical therapeutic pillow.

Using Therapeutic Cervical Pillows for Pregnancy

Better companies have developed small, cylindrical pillows that help people suffering from neck pain or headaches. These pillows allow the neck to curve naturally, giving muscles a gentle stretch and ensuring that vertebrae are not compressed. Some pregnant mothers find that using a cervical pillow helps them to breathe more easily. Some wedge one pillow under the belly to provide support while sleeping on their side, while propping another against the back. Others position the cervical pillow strategically to alleviate discomfort in the ankles, knees, belly and back, shoulders, and neck.
Good pillows will share some important characteristics. These include:
  • Quality memory polyester filling. It should be resilient, machine washable, and durable.
  • Natural fibres for the cover. Next to the skin, cotton or another natural fabric is best.
  • The pillow should be firm, yet soft enough to be comfortable.
  • If the pillow is used for the neck, it should be sized appropriately. Better pillow companies sell custom sizes depending on weight, body shape, and height.
  • Pillow should be easy to clean and sanitize. Make sure both filling and covers can go into the washing machine and the dryer. This ensures clean pillows with no dust mites or other allergens.

Using Therapeutic Cervical Pillows for Nursing

Many new mothers find that the cervical pillow’s usefulness continues after the birth of the baby. Rather than the large and sometimes difficult to manage "breast-feeding” pillows, a smaller and more compact cervical pillow with good support can be much easier to cope with. Mothers who have had C-sections absolutely need pillows that are easy to handle, so cylindrical pillows are a perfect option. If planning to use a cylindrical pillow for nursing, be sure to choose a size that fits you, as this will better support the baby’s head.
If you are considering purchasing pregnancy and nursing pillows that will be useful for many years to come, consider the therapeutic cylindrical cervical pillow. Good for you, and good for baby!
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